Yuko Harmegnies

So whoever comes on your way, you see, you give them light in their Life

“ Hi, I am Yuko, delighted that you are here! I hope you have had a chance to look through the website and see how I can be of service.”

Above all, I combine my insight, knowledge and inspiration to craft and tailor your Wellness sessions into a unique mind, body and soul experience that will enhance your life every day.

There are many ways to guide you that include mentoring and training through the Masterlife Initiative as well as running with the Talaria Running approach.

On a larger scale I collaborate with corporates to create wellness events (on site and online) and on a more personal scale I offer tailored coaching on the Cote d’Azur as well as one-by-one video sessions.

Despite my broad spectrum of activities, I have honed my skills on breathing and the mind to create Libre comme l’Air* – effortless breathing – paving the way to infuse diverse activities with the power of the breath to induce the State of Flow.

From athletes to musicians, executives to parents, physically and mentally challenged individuals to recovering illnesses the Libre comme l’Air has profoundly metamorphosed lives.

My practice has spanned over 25 years and I have been teaching over 15 years. Eternal grateful for having studied under the most seasoned Yoga teachers around the world, learned from experienced health professionals in the field of human anatomy and development and continue to learn from the most progressive science-related professionals in the fields of neuroscience, neurochemistry and psychology.

I look forward to meeting with you and walk by your side so that you can take a well deserved breath of fresh air,

Yuko x

* Breathing free like a bird